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Where to find the Pre-Caching details

Hi Team,

I used the JMeter and QV Scalability tool to do the pre-caching.

Followed the below steps.

1. Used the QV Scalability tool for Generation of the jmx file . This jmx file is generated from the XML Script generated for the objects in Qlikview application (Available in the accesspoint).

2. Once we executed the script, all the logs are generated and fetched into the corresponding log folders

     Event Log

     Session Log

     Server Log

     JMeter Log

3. Once the logfiles have been generated, we have used the SC Result Analyzer to see the logfiles.

4. Taken all the server logs from the server and kept it into Serverlog folder in the Scalability analyzer folder

which of these logs will be sufficient for the generation of the Pre-Caching? Please explain me where i can find the pre-caching file.



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Re: Where to find the Pre-Caching details


You don't have to use the log files in order to do pre-caching.

Check the documentation included in the QlikView pre-caching package for information on how to set it up:

Quick tips #15 - Pre-caching with JMeter

Best regards,


Scalability Center