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Re: While running the job in QMC it throwing error Cannot open file.

First, check the properties of the shared folder. In your case, i guess the folder is ...\Company\... somewhere on the Server FPSERVER. In my case, the User SRV*** is running the QlikView-Services on the QlikView-Server and has access to the folder SETUP, due to the permission level of the owner. A read permission would already do this job. Make sure this also applies on subfolders.

2018-09-07 16_17_18-VDI Win10 RJ03P02.png

Secondly, check the security on the file itself. It needs the right to read the file. In my case, SRV*** has full access to the used file.

2018-09-07 16_18_02-VDI Win10 RJ03P02.png