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Why QlikView Server often turn off and disconect


few times a day, but not always, there is error in Qlikview Server.
Suddenly, orange line in the top of the QlikView Managment Console occurs and says that QlikView Server has stopped.
On Services tab, i see then "red X" next to QVS@qv2.
When this is taking place, we could not connect to apps, via qvd link, and somedays the RAM usage goes down, the server put files out of it memory. Then I have to wait, for Qlik to empty all the RAM, and then it reads the apps again and add them to the memory.
There are times, when not all of data in RAM is going to be empty, when QVServer turn on faster.

I have been seeing that it often occurs when I reload task on Managment Console with some app. 
But not always, there are times when after reload, everything works fine.

And there are few errors in Windows Event Viewer (but again, not always) like that :

Restart: Server aborted trying to recover by restart. Reason for restart: Phoenix failed to access ServerReg within 300 seconds.


DOC loading: Document F:\QV\SERVERDOCUMENTS\PROTOTYP\XXX.QVW became obsolete while loading - retrying.


System.Exception: Failed to retrieve settings from QlikView Server. ||    w QMSBackendCore.Service.ServiceImpl.<>c__DisplayClass94_0.<UpdateQvsSettingsCache>b__0() ||    w SolutionGlobal.Collections.ThreadSafeCache`2.CacheItem`1.GetObject() ||    w SolutionGlobal.Collections.ThreadSafeCache`2.Get(TKey key, Func`1 createObjectFunc) ||    w QMSBackendCore.Service.ServiceImpl.UpdateQvsSettingsCache(Guid qvsID) ||    w QMSBackendCore.Service.ServiceImpl.Diagnostics.UpdateQvsSettingsCache()

Does anyone know what is happening ?
Or any info how the load to memory works, and how does it interact in reload during placed in memory?
I will be glad for help.
My QLIK is - 12.10.20500.0


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Re: Why QlikView Server often turn off and disconect

Have a look at the Qlik Support article QlikView - QlikView Server Service restarts with error Phoenix failed to access ServerReg within 300... and follow steps therein. If you continue to have issues with unplanned QVS restarts, contact Qlik Support for assistance.

Sr. Technical Support Engineer with Qlik Support

Re: Why QlikView Server often turn off and disconect

Thank You @Chip_Matejowsky for Your response.
In a link, you send to me, in article, there are few hyperlinks to :


How could I get access to that site? It is not a qlik site?