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Wild Card Match


I have a table that have GL accounts like 62000, 62001, 62002.... and so on, and I have another table in excel where an user should be able to assign departments based on the GL accounts, but they should be able to do this using wild card search like if it is GL Account 620?? then assign it to "Sales"

If there a way where two tables can be joined by fields, if the field in one of the table contains wild cards like in example above, appreciate any suggestions / input


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WildMatch([GL Account], '620*') as AccountType


Hi Kumar,

You could also just say Left([GL Account],4) as Account Type.

You can the re-use the Left function in your excel sheet as well?

What are you looking for as the end result?

If you need to match only two charakters after 62 you can use

This work:

This does not: