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Windows Batch file to sent email to users if Qlikview task is success.

Hi Support team,

Mentioned below the scenario and requirement. We have around 10 Qlikview mounted application are there in QMC and total  19 qvws and in QMC around 25 qlikview tasks related to above qvws.

Now we need to sent email to few users , if a particular qvw task is successfully refreshed in QMC.

Say we have TestTask1 for Testtask1.qvw and TestTask2 for B.qvw. I want to sent email to nishant.v@xyx.com if Tasttask2 is successfully refreshed.

So the best option suggested was write a batch file to sent email and put the task in System->supporting task-->Extrenal Program in QMC  and create dependency on Qlikview task : Tasttask2. So if Tasttask2 is completed the external Program will trigger the batch file.

Can anyone help me to create a batch file to sent email, if this qlikview task is success in QMC ?


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Windows Batch file to sent email to users if Qlikview task is success.

This feature is already built into the QMC, please see below:


If you enable the mail feature in the QMC, here's some info from the Help site regarding notifications from the QMC.  

Hope this helps!


Qlik Support

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