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Contributor II
Contributor II

aggregation on list box




I have attached the sample data and using that created a straight  table and the highlighted is calculated sum(REPEAT_CONTACT_INTERVAL)/sum(REPEAT_CONTACT_CNT)
but the list box should also be aggregated on the same with class (REPEAT_CONTACT_INTERVAL,1,'day') (but  this is not aggregated as same as straight table.
could you please help on this?

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What is expression you are using in listbox?

Contributor II
Contributor II



this seems to be different than what you are using in straight table. Try below

=class(aggr(sum(REPEAT_CONTACT_INTERVAL)/sum(REPEAT_CONTACT_CNT), Dimension1,Dimension2),1,'day')

where Dimension1,Dimension2 are your straight table dimensions. You need to include all straight table dimension in aggr

Contributor II
Contributor II

It does not work when selecting any value on the Listbox it does not filter straight table

Digital Support
Digital Support

You are likely going to have to attach the QVW file to receive further assistance with things, as folks are going to need to be able to see the data model as well as object and expressions being used...  Doubtful you will receive further comments without doing that.  If you are worried about sensitive data, you can scramble the values in any fields using the Settings\Document Properties\Scrambling tab settings in the Desktop Client to do that prior to posting it.


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