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analysis for six sigma

Hello Everyone,

I'm performing a six sigma like analysis on a set of data.

What I want to do is:

- given a sample as:

month      value   

1               4

1               9

1               88

1               99

2               100

2               40

2               500


I want to count the "value" out of the 3 sigma and mean limit.

I create a simple chart, a straight table:

- dimension is "month"

- "ctlimit" is :    avg(value) + 3*stdev(value)

so far so good

counting against a fixed value is good, e.g.

- count({$<value= {'<=100'}>} value)

it works fine

BUT.. if I add a dynamic control the expression does not work anymore

count({$<value= {'<=ctlimit'}>} value)

what's wrong???

thank you in advance


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analysis for six sigma


I inderstood the issue is in the "Set" I choose... but still I'm unable to make that formula works...

so still seeking for help


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analysis for six sigma

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analysis for six sigma


thank you.

that discussion has been deleted...

do you have a copy of it??