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button font

I have a button that I want to show the title and then below show a formula

it all works

but I need to have different font size for the formula line than for the title line

I have achieved this through using a transparent button over two objects showing the title and formulas

but when editing I have to move the transparent button to get to the underlying objects

is there a format code that can be used in the formula similar to the number formatting #,##0  etc

many thanks for looking

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Re: button font

Hello Michael

What you want is not possible in one button. Though there are several work-arounds that might help you: see e.g. these threads:

Different fonts in the the same textbox

different font color in text object

Re: button font

I am not sure i understand your issue

Are you looking for something like this

='TitleHere' & Num(Expression, '#,##0')

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Re: button font

is it what you want?

you can Change the caption font on tab caption , button font

you can Change the formula font on tab Font

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Re: button font

Hi Michael,

Yes We can. In Caption Tab We can change the font style of button title text. In Font Tab we can change the font style of button content.


Dinesh Kumar M

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Re: button font

hi ,

you can change the font style as well size and color in button properties FONT tab,

Attached the screenshot for your reference.

but there's no font code except the font names,

you change the caption name font in the caption tab (refer the second screenshot)

Capture.PNGCapture 2.PNG



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Re: button font

I think this is what he expecting.