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Contributor III
Contributor III

cant choose on multibox

hello everyone, i got a problem on multibox,

i cant choose anything inside multibox option, but the weird thing is , the problem isnt on qlikview's qvw, or on server,

i cant choose only at web, so whenever i opened on web, i cant choose any option on multibox, i tried to restart server, and restart the service before, but nothing happened, is it a bug or what?



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Digital Support
Digital Support

Re: cant choose on multibox

Need a lot more detail on this one, what version are you running, xx.xx.xxxxx or xx.xx SRx?  What client is being used, Ajax or IE Plugin?  Lastly, the most helpful thing in addition to the above would be a sample QVW with the issue, so we can test to see if we can replicate things or not.  My best hunch would be you have something gone wrong in your installation, but need to know the above info before I can offer up much more.


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