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Contributor III
Contributor III

chart with calculated dimension

Dear all,

I have a chart with calculated dimension which i want to show as pareto however the cumulative is not summing correctly. i have tried to investigate but cant find a solution.

In the dimension i have this expression


Replace(Class([Time Waiting (hrs)], 3), '<= x <', '-')&' hrs'

,Class([Time Waiting (hrs)], 3))

and in the expression for bars i have this

Count({<PerformedOp = {1}, PastDays = {1}, SessionType = {'Evening'}, Department -={'XXXX'}, CaseType = {'Emergency'}>}DISTINCT PAT_ID)

the cumulative which is not showing correct has this

RangeSum( Above(Count({<PerformedOp = {1}, PastDays = {1}, SessionType = {'Evening'}, Department -={'XXXX}, CaseType = {'Emergency'}>}CUST_ID), 0,RowNo()))


COUNT({<PerformedOp = {1}, PastDays = {1}, SessionType = {'Evening'}, Department -={'XXXX}, CaseType = {'Emergency'}>} TOTAL CUST_ID)

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Not sure what exactly is the issue here? is it showing 131 instead of 136 is the issue?

Contributor III
Contributor III

yes that is the issue the is not matching so when i i sho the cumulative percentage it shows 105%

Contributor III
Contributor III

hi, it seems as if the total is removing duplicates, i have checked and noticed the 5 missing values have duplicates so it is counting and distinct only


Would you be able to share a sample to check this out?