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combine 2 or more dates issue

Dear qliks,

I am attaching an qv app . I want to consider min date and max date dynamically and should given to Auto Generate function for master calendar. Can any one help regarding that.

I have clearly mentioned the problem in qv file with commented lines please take a look through the attached document


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Re: combine 2 or more dates issue

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Re: combine 2 or more dates issue

Re: combine 2 or more dates issue


You can not use the aggregation function in variable definition.

Add this code.

//Getting error Date Field is not found


LOad Min(Date) as MIN,

  Max(Date) as MAX

Resident Link; 

Let vMinDate = Peek('MIN',0,'MinMax');

Let vMaxDate = Peek('MIN',0,'MinMax');


Kaushik Solanki