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correction needed in the script of attached app

Hi Experts,

Can anyone please help me on below requirement.

I have two source files named main file and change file.

all the changes related to main file staff id revenue,margin, penetration records are updated in change file.

Now the requirement is

Main file need to consider as master file, wherever the changes happend in the main file records , only those changes need to take from change file to master file.

For example for the staffno 44010474 under Drole changes made in the change file so in the main file at corresponding Drole need to made the changes,

crole records need to kept same as it is.

If there are multiple changes happend on change file at same id and roletype max changed data time need to consider .

Source and app attachments

in the attached excel file added the changefile,mainfile and expected output source.

Also i have attached the application which i have tried.

Please provide the corresponding changes in the app to get the expected output in the excel sheet 3.

The script need to start with Main file not with change file i have tried.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: correction needed in the script of attached app

check this