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count the amount of positivized customers

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I am preparing a report where I need to count the amount of positivized customers.

To consider a customer positivado this client should have billed us in the previous month, so I consider it present in the current month count .

Please help me , because I could not draw up such a logic .

I hope I was clear .

Thank you.

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Re: count the amount of positivized customers

It's a little unclear in which context you want to count your customers (in script, in chart?) and how your current data model looks like.

In a chart expressions, you might be able to create a solution e.g. by using set analysis with an advanced search, like described in

Set modifiers with advanced searches ‒ QlikView

sum( {$<Customer = {“=Sum({1<Year = {2007}>} Sales ) > 1000000”}>} Sales )

Returns the sales for current selection, but with a new selection in the 'Customer' field: only customers who during 2007 had a total sales of more than 1000000.

You probably need to adapt the solution to match your requirement (e.g. use a month filter instead of year filter, and appropriate field names and aggregation functions, but this should show you a possible approach.

see also

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