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Contributor II
Contributor II

counting time difference between dates in the same column

Hi everyone,

I have an issue with how to proceed with an expression for counting the time difference in the column "Period" which is included in the format 'M/D/YYY hh:mm'. I need to find if the value mentioned is going below a limit continuously ( present as a different field) over a period of 10 minutes and count every occurrence as 1 . I've attached the sample data below. 

Thanks for the help!

a6/1/2019 0:00345
a6/1/2019 0:01456
a6/1/2019 0:02323
a6/1/2019 0:03322
a6/1/2019 0:04345
a6/1/2019 0:05432
a6/1/2019 0:06312
a6/1/2019 0:07345
a6/1/2019 0:08234
a6/1/2019 0:09334
a6/1/2019 0:10356
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You did not provide any information on the period field used for comparison so in my example below is called "ComparingPeriod".

Try this expression:

Count({<  Period= {">$(=only(ComparingPeriod)- interval#(10,'mm'))<=$(=only(ComparingPeriod))"}   >}Elements)

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Contributor II
Contributor II

So for say the low limit is 370 and in this set of values for 10 minutes interval if its goes all below 370 my count should produce a 1 or else its 0. So it has to scan through the 'period ' for every 10 minutes to check that if the values falls below the low limit set


Is this what you are trying to do? Per 10 min interval count how many transactions that are in violation of your defined threshold interval?


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I used the followint expression in my solution above.


  -1* (  only(LL) > L
      only(HL) < L
   Element, [Element timestamp])


The script is as follows:



LOAD Element, timestamp#([TimeStampField], 'D/M/YYYY h:mm') as [Element timestamp], 
Time(floor(timestamp#([TimeStampField], 'D/M/YYYY h:mm'), 10 / 1440)) as [Element time],
inline [
Element, TimeStampField, L
b,6/1/2019 0:00,23
b,6/1/2019 0:01,12
b,6/1/2019 0:02,32
b,6/1/2019 0:03,45
b,6/1/2019 0:04,65
b,6/1/2019 0:05,34
b,6/1/2019 0:06,76
b,6/1/2019 0:07,27
b,6/1/2019 0:08,12
b,6/1/2019 0:09,32
b,6/1/2019 0:10,14
b,6/1/2019 0:21,25
b,6/1/2019 0:11,14
b,6/1/2019 0:12,35
b,6/1/2019 0:13,48
b,6/1/2019 0:14,61
b,6/1/2019 0:15,32
b,6/1/2019 0:16,73
b,6/1/2019 0:17,24
b,6/1/2019 0:18,15
b,6/1/2019 0:19,36
b,6/1/2019 0:20,12
a,6/1/2019 0:00,123
a,6/1/2019 0:01,212
a,6/1/2019 0:02,332
a,6/1/2019 0:03,145
a,6/1/2019 0:04,265
a,6/1/2019 0:05,334
a,6/1/2019 0:06,376
a,6/1/2019 0:07,227
a,6/1/2019 0:08,112
a,6/1/2019 0:09,132
a,6/1/2019 0:10,314
a,6/1/2019 0:21,225
a,6/1/2019 0:11,114
a,6/1/2019 0:12,235
a,6/1/2019 0:13,248
a,6/1/2019 0:14,261
a,6/1/2019 0:15,132
a,6/1/2019 0:16,373
a,6/1/2019 0:17,224
a,6/1/2019 0:18,115
a,6/1/2019 0:19,336
a,6/1/2019 0:20,212];


Plees ekskuse my Swenglish and or Norweglish spelling misstakes
Digital Support
Digital Support

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