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current week selection

Hi everyone,

I want to create a button for my dashboard that pulls in leads created for the current week.  I essentially want to give the end users the ability to click the "this week" button, and only show data for leads created during the current week.

Any ideas?



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Re: current week selection


     Try this,

     Create a button named "this week" and use action - Select in field.

     in Field -give Week field

     in Search String -give "=Week(Today())"

Hope it helps.

Valued Contributor III

Re: current week selection

Hi Meghan,

This depens ofcourse on your data.

Assuming you have a Date field you can create a week field in your loading script by using:

Year(DateField) as Year,

Week(DateField) as Week,

Now you can create a button with 2 actions

action 1 :                Select in field

Field :                    Year

Search String:         =Year(Today())

action 2 :                Toggle Selection

Field :                    Week

Search String:        =Week(Today())

This will select the current year and then the current week.

Valued Contributor III

Re: current week selection

Dont forget to select the current year, else it will select all current weeknumbers also of the previous years.

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