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date/time format


I would like to import a string character as 01/01/2011 11:11:11 as a julian date in loading the script.

How can I do?


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date/time format

Hi there,

there are some function, if you use it will show you the julian date. try ReloadTime in script or anyware in the text object properties so that you can see the time. Is this you want?




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date/time format


if you are receiving a string with the exact format you describe then the following code will turn it into a Julian date - by this I understand a 5 digit figure, the first two digits being YY followed by the number of the day in the year (is this what you are after?):

=mid(text(year(makedate(mid(vDate,7,4)))),3,2) & num((makedate(mid(vDate,7,4),mid(vDate,4,2),mid(vDate,1,2)) - makedate(mid(vDate,7,4)))+1,'000')

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date/time format

Try this which will evaluate the incoming text string as a timestamp:

timestamp#( fieldname,'DD/MM/YY HH:MMSmiley FrustratedS') as JulianField



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date/time format


Gordon is correct, but try using hours:minutes:second in lower case.

timestamp#( fieldname,'DD/MM/YY hh:mm:ss') as JulianField

- Sridhar

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date/time format

The reason is that: If you type the minute format specially in upper case it will print the month in place of the minute.

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