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defining a list variable according to selection


I have a qvd file with a variable "Type" which has numerical values from 5000 to 7000.

These values can be categorized to products: A, B , C - but a value can be categorized to more than on product. For instance, values 5201 is also in product A and also in B.

my App has a selection for the type of products you're interested in viewing. I want to show the viewer the number of observations which are relevant to the selected product. I want to do the following steps (unless you can think of a more efficient way!) but need help with syntax:

 a. create a list variable for each product and in it put all the relevant "type" numbers. for example:

set vProductA = 5501,5201;

b. create a list variable for each product which receives the value of  the list variable if that product is chosen, and an empty list set  otherwise. for example:

if((wildmatch(GetFieldSelections(product,';','*A*')))> 0, vProductAchoose=$( vProductA ),vProductAchoose={})

c. create a variable which is a join of step b variables:

set vProductChosen =sum({<vProductAchoose>+<vProductBchoose>+<vProductCchoose>})

d. count all observations in this new list:

=count({<Type={"vProductChosen"}>} observation)


what is the correct syntax for steps b-d?



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MVP & Luminary

Re: defining a list variable according to selection

I'm not sure if I understand your task but I think I wouldn't try your described approach else I would try to match everything within the datamodel so that I could use "normal" selections and expressions. In your case with multiple categories per product might an as-of table be useful: The-As-Of-Table to define such a relation.

- Marcus