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detaching an object from another object in a sheet


i have created a sheet in my report and in that sheet i have used multiboxes,pivot tables etc. i have used a pivot table to create a calender. multibox has been used as a selection box for the user to select various parameters of the reports. now whenever a user selects a parameter from the multibox the calender automatically gets activeted and only active values are shown in the calender.

i want it to remain in its original size and shape even after a selection is made. how can i achieve that???

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Re: detaching an object from another object in a sheet

Hi Vitul,

Just in case if your using an expression in the pivot table(calendar),

try including the selection(multibox) field into the expression as a set analysis format.


multibox selection: CalendarDate(Filed Name)

Pivot Table: Expression ---> sum({<CalendarDate=>}1) .



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