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expression ?

i have my hard disk space total is  658

here used space is 470

unused space is 188    like wise i am having many hard disk spaces

i am showing it in stacked bar chart    while i am seeing  in bar chart i am have like

used space is 470 and unused space is 188  ( single bar)  (5 hdd i have here thats why 5 bars i have)

Here   i want see the used space percentage  and unused space percentage

if i check option in  rightclick on barchart(enter in to properties)
)>number>show percentage>  then it is showing like  470.2344.

Total space is  658  used space is      470      it means 70% of the space is used. here i want see instead of 470  - 70% ? 188 -30%?

how? pls tell me 

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in Expressions - change your expression definition to  Free space = (Total space - Used space)/Total space.

Then change Used Space = Used Space/Total Space.

Under Number, tick show in Percent (%) for Used space and Free Space.

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Dear Manoj,

In used expression use:-  sum(Used)/sum(Total_Space))

In Unused expression use:- sum(Unused)/sum(Total_Space))

and after it Go To preoperties Number->Fixed to decimals(2)->Check on Show in Percent(%).

Thanks & REgards

Prince Anand

Master II
Master II

Hi manoj,

You have to use staked bar charts for this.

The option will enable if you have more than 1 expression.

Exp1: Sum(Used Space)/sum(Total Space)

Exp2:sum(Unused Space)/sum(Total space)

Dimension: as per your data

After that in numbers tab.

Select numbers or integer and tick the option show in percentage in the bottom.

Hope it helps.



Best Regards,