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how can one report a bug?


Do you know how can I report a bug? In the partner portal I can see only submit a case, where a client license, etc has to be entered. Is there another, simpler way just to report small technical problems we find on the way of developing an app?



ps. the bug I have found at present is getting a Server error in AJAX (WebView on) when a small slider object is used in the layout.

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Re: how can one report a bug?

Hi Iliyan,

The partner portal would be the way to go. Raise the bug as a normal case and pass the information to support who will get back to you with feedback on the findings.


Re: how can one report a bug?

Thank you. The case is resolved now thanks to the help of the support. They registered the case and suggested me a solution. In case anyone has problem with slider objects not working in AJAX (full browser) mode, never select Major units=1. Setting this to 2 did the same work for me and without server errors. Hope this post will be tagged with 'slider obect', 'WebView on', etc. so others can find it and avoid my mistake in future.



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