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how to add single values into existing table

Hey all,

I build a quite simple inline table at the beginning of my load script. The process runs dynamically, but finally the table looks similar to this. For the column of "value_03" I don't define any value, but I already create the column as a placeholder. 


During next steps in my load script I have a loop where I switch between different years and/or codes. During each run I calculate different values for the column "value_03". So Now I would like to add those values especially into that one field, depending on the actual year of the run, the "code" and the column "value_03". In fact in first run of the loop I calculate data for the year 2014 and for USD for coulmn value_03, in second for year 2015 and so on ...

So how can I do this? I tried with stuff like Joins, but I don't need to add whole coulmns or rows. I just want to edit/add that single value per each run.

Would be so glad about any help! Thanks a lot!


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