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how to check if value selected

I have a box called monthName     that contains    Dec 2012, Jan 2013 , Feb 2013

I have a column in pivot table for Dec 2012 but i want to hide this if dec 2012 is not selected

I need the formula to be put in conditional so that if i select multiple dates and Dec 2012 is one of the selection to show the column

else hide it

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You can use SubStringCount(GetFieldSelections(FieldName, ',', 100), 'Dec 2012')

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Use Enable conditonal for dimension Dec 2012, and use this condition

=SubStringCount(GetFieldSelections(FieldName, ',', 100), 'Dec 2012') > 0

If you select Dec 2012, then the dimension will be shown, otherwise it is hidden.



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Unfortunately this method with SubStringCount would not work, if the desired value is contained in another value.

Example: There is a selected value 'Another Dec 2012', but 'Dec 2012' is not selected. SubStringCount would deliver a return value > 0.

Therefore we would beter choose a set analysis:

=Count({$<FieldName*={'Value'}>}FieldName) > 0

In your case:

=Count({$<monthName*={'Dec 2012'}>}monthName) > 0