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how to compare values between 2 tables in excel

I have an excel output table 80 colmn X 50 rows that needs to be compared against another identical table every month. is there a way to compare 4000 cell values efficiently. my thought process includes Vlook ups and Hlookups but these do not seem like viable solution.

may be transpose each 1 X 80 records into single column and do a v lookup.. not sure. I am aware this is not a qlik question but any pointers would be helpful.

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Stephan thank you for your input. I will close this thread. If I come up with a qlik way of solving this I will post.


If you want to compare these tables using QlikView, well, I remember a quite-old-but-still-good post by JohnW‌:

How to compare 2 tables and put non-matching results?