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how to create a SSL cert and apply to qlikview server?

Hi all,

i want to create a self ssl cert and apply it to qlikview server? any documentation out there that i can refer to?



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Re: how to create a SSL cert and apply to qlikview server?


   I'm not sure about how you want to use the SSL certificate; assuming that what is desired is to install an SSL certificate on the WebServer, a couple of indications.

The process is way easier if your QlikView WebServer is deployed integrated on an IIS. Creating a self signed certificate with IIS is very straightforward (link is for IIS 7)

Create a Self-Signed Server Certificate in IIS 7

After creating the certificate you have two scenarios:

- If IIS is present, there is no configuration to be done in QlikView. Just import the certificate on IIS for the application pool in which the QlikView Webserver is deployed.

- If there's no IIS the process is pretty much the same but include some manual tasks.

On this second scenario I believe you'll find very useful the information shared by clint about how to enable SSL communication with QlikView WebServer without IIS:


The process for making the rest of the services communicate using certificates is more or less the same as the one described by Clint on the WebServer.

Hope it helps.

Best regards.