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how to dispaly.?

Hi All,

I have two dashboards,one is generated by using sql server database, another one is generated by Excel data(different).

My question is how to display the two dasboards in ipad simultaneously?

My approach is dispaly the two dasboards side by side means once slide the ipad screen it dispaly one dasborad and again slide the screen display the another dashboard. is it poosible to design in qlikview?

if it is possible pls help me how to do that appraoch?

if it is not poosible pls help me best approaches for display the dasboards in ipad? also give me best two or more approaches.. plz

pls help me urgent.

pls write the solution in discussion window

thanks in advance.

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Re: how to dispaly.?

You can create 1 qlikview application from the data of both the sources. Show one dashboard in one tab of qlikview application and other dashboard in second tab of qlikview application.

This way you can show both dashboard in one app but instead of sliding you will have to tap the tab.

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Re: how to dispaly.?

If you use Qliksense instead of qlikview you can achieve exactly how you want. You can slide and change the dashboard tou want to see. approach is same but UI is different.

You can use the data model created in qlikview in the qliksense application. Create visualization in qliksense and view it in the iPad the way u want.

Same thing u can achieve in tableau. Best for visualization on mobile devices. Just development approach is different



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Re: how to dispaly.?

Hi Nishant,

Suppose i am doing both data sources into one qlikview file.One datasource belongs to 4 tabs(sqlserver) other datasource belongs to 3 tabs(excel).In main sheet i am  create two buttons for two datasources.suppose  click sqlserver button it show  only related tabs and click excel tab, it show only related tabs.

how to achieve this one? pls tell me nishant.

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Re: how to dispaly.?

You can put two buttons on main sheet.

And you can set visibility of 4tabs for sqlserver and 3excel on the button click. this can be done from sheet properties/tab row properties. When sql button is clicked only releavent tabs will show up.

It is very much possible.

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Re: how to dispaly.?

Create the same objects in 1 sheet and use the alternate state to display the data which belongs to the state.

So, you have for instance 2 bar charts, one with sql data and the other one with excel data.

the sql data has state 'sql' and the other one 'excel'.

Set your alternate states in Document Properties, General, Alternate States