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how to load huge data from oracle with insert and update !!!



I have over 150 millions rows daily to make insert or update scenario .

is there any best way to handle these things in qlik or similar to SQL , we can use Update syntax. 



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Re: how to load huge data from oracle with insert and update !!!

We do not recommend using QilkView for updating of backend data sources, we are primarily an analytics tool, not a database update tool, so not really sure what you are attempting to do, but I would believe it is likely best done using straight SQL in the DB side.  If you can provide further information regarding the full use case here, we may be able to provide a better answer, but this is the best I can do at the moment.  

It is possible to make SQL Execute and other calls from our script editor, but you must enable the setting in the attached screenshot in that case, but again, this is not something we recommend doing.


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Re: how to load huge data from oracle with insert and update !!!

Hi Vir,

As you know we (QlikView) will create Reports with the help of existing Data base /Tables and we have the capability inbuilt ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Loading)process in QV.

But we will support this a very little bit like Creating Incremental Load ,Simple Joins,Concatenation...etc.

So my recommendation to you is, Request either DB team/ETL team to finish the update things at DB level and get the data from that updated DB tables into QlikView script.


UPDATE table_name
SET column1 = value1, column2 = value2, ...
WHERE condition;

Note: Be careful when updating records in a table! Notice the WHERE clause in the UPDATE statement. The WHERE clause specifies which record(s) that should be updated. If you omit the WHERE clause, all records in the table will be updated!