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how to select data


I am new to clikview and have some problems

in my aplication I have to show work orders but only from tree categories (jobclass name can be only Dry dock, survey or Overhaul ) but at system have about 15 categories.

the important think is to show only this workorderID that are from my categorin in list box (that I dont have workorderID from different categories)

now I manage to show good one in a table where I count indicator but I cant figure out how to do this for list box

I hope you can help me


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Re: how to select data

Hi annafuksa ,

If i am not wrong you want List box that have WorkorderId of jobclass name (Dry dock,survey or Overhaul.


Am I right.

If so please see the attached example



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Re: how to select data


thank you very much for your response ! it is really helpfull !!!

but I have one more question it is possible that I can filter this data in a code that I can use for another  calculation only this one workordet that have good cathegory ?

Thank you very much!!!


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