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Creator II
Creator II

how to take a snapshot data from a Dynamic QVD


I have a QVD which will run daily and update results on daily basis in that QVD. but i want to take snapshot results from that QVD only on monthly basis .

For Example:

we are in Feb month  so by March 1st Complete Feb Data will be available in the QVD.  so i want to take complete Feb month Results which is available in that QVD on march 5th   and want to  store into a another QVD as a snapshot Data of March 5th.

First Step:  i have a QVD loading data on daily basis which will change the data dynamically.

second step : From above QVD i want to take Results on every month 5th of previous Month and store it into another QVD. so every month data should append to this newly created QVD of only new month Results From First step QVD.

Month value is like this 201802, 201803 etc.

Can some help me how to write in script to take snapshot results from existing QVD and store it into new QVD and every month append new months.

Best Regards,


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Creator III
Creator III

You should look into Incremental Load.  Check these two postings:

Overview of Qlik Incremental Loading






you already described what you should do.

try to attach your script to give you the exct script to write to have your snapshots,

you should do like this:

declare 3 variables:

date of today => vToday





from database where (dynamic dates)






from last qvd


if date = 5 march then





resident incremntal_load_table;

store Incremental_load_table into PATH\TABLE_NAME_$(vDate).qvd( qvd);

drop table SNAPSHOT;