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how to write OR condition in the set analysis

hi all,

As per the requirement, i need to write the condition combining 'and ' and 'OR' condition in the set analysis.

Please let me know ASAP.

Category like 'SYSTEM %'

    or Categorylike 'HARDWARE%' in the single condition .

Thanks in advance,


3 Replies


Try below

=sum({<Category = {'SYSTEM*','HARDWARE*'>}Amount)



Hi Smitha,

Please try like this:

sum({<Category={'SYSTEM %'},Category={'HARDWARE %'}>}amount)

or if(Category='SYSTEM %' or Category='HARDWARE %', sum(amount))

if(Category='SYSTEM %' and Category='HARDWARE %', sum(amount))

Specialist II
Specialist II

Hi Smitha,

Try this

=sum({<Category={'SYSTEM*'}> + <Category={'HARDWARE'}>} Amount)

Hope it will work for you.

-- Regards,

VIshal Waghole