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iPad issue


I am facing the following issues when viewing the app on my iPad:

1. the labels are being cut short/not displayed fully on buttons/other text objects when seen on an iPad

2. expand chart feature not working

3. scroll bars not working

4. External links not opening, like opening a pdf file on clicking a button or opening up of another website etc..

Any clue why these could be happening.. and a fix for these??

Any help is highly appreciated.

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Hi, yukti100.

I assume you have read

Best Practices for QlikView iPad User Interface Design

There may be some issues there because of the page size you have chosen. The scroll bars not working is a common issue. You have to swipe within the charts instead.



Creator III
Creator III

Some features might not directly work as it is in a tablet as they work on desktop.

Need to optimize the application for viewing on a tablet version.

Please refer to the Best Practices for QlikView iPad User Interface Design (As mentioned by Neil)