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increamental load amd mail

Hi Everone,

                I am stuck in a problem.

             I am making a application from my Employee.qvd in which there are modified date and TMC of each and every Person.

I want that whenever a New employee(TMC )is added we should get an mail "New TMC added" only when a new TMC is added after the reload.

I have applied this logic with incremental load .You can see in the attachement below.

But I am stuck that each time it is sending the mail as I reload.

What I want that it should return zero,when once we have reloaded it first.It should generate mail when new Tmc is added

Please help.

I am attaching the QVD and the logic that I have applied in the application.

I have used Macros,

and Triggers also

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increamental load amd mail

Hi Kamal,

          I didnt got time to actually go through the QVW you sent me, but if i have to do this, I will do in below show way.

          Create a QVD which will store the count of employees. Say I have 20 employee now in my employee table and my employeecount qvd will also have 20 as count. Now if a new employee is added into employee table, what i would do, I would write a login in QV script that if the count of employee from count of employeecount qvd is greater then send the mail and also update the employeecount qvd with new count, if that is not greater then do not do anything.

          Now to send mail i will use the alert functionality of qlikview, which will send alert as a mail that a new employee is added.

          I guess the logic is clear to you.


Kaushik Solanki

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increamental load amd mail

HI Sir,

          Really thanks for the reply.I have understand the logic ..But I am not getting how to apply it.I am trying from my syd.In case you get time than please look after it.

Thanks for the great Logic.

Thanks and regards