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issue with Straight table when setting up background color

Hello Friends,

I am facing some issue with Straight table when setting up background color.

i am using the same expression which is used for bar chart for setting the background color. Its working fine with Bar chart( I think its because of the Dimension is

"Month" .

When i use this expression for Straight table, it is displaying the same background color for all the field values. I am not sure, what exactly the problem is?


=if (Sum ({$<Year={$(#=Only(Year))}>} [P1 - Complaints]) < (Only(If(Ref='P1',RAGGreen)/100) * Sum ({$<Year={$(#=Only(Year)-1)}>} [P1 - Complaints])),RGB(69,234,21),if (Sum ({$<Year={$(#=Only(Year))}>} [P1 - Complaints]) <= Sum ({$<Year={$(#=Only(Year)-1)}>} [P1 - Complaints]), RGB(255,128,0), RGB(255,0,0)) )

Where 'Ref' and 'RAGGreen' are columns from RAG table.

For P1- Complaints, Ref='P1' and RAGGreen=90.

iam comparing the current year compaints with 90% of Previous years complaints in the expression.


The columns in the Straight Table are displayed horizontally.



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Re: issue with Straight table when setting up background color

Hello sivadandu,

with the Pivot-table you cummulate the values according to the dimension Year.

So You have to use Aggr-function:




if (Sum ({$<Jahr={$(=(Jahr))}>}Complaints ) < ( 90/100 * Sum ( {$<Jahr={$(=Jahr-1)}>} Complaints)),RGB(69,234,21),

if (Sum ({$<Jahr={$(=(Jahr))}>} Complaints) <= Sum ({$<Jahr={$(=Jahr-1)}>} Complaints), RGB(255,128,0), RGB(255,0,0) ))


Good Luck

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