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issue with getting RAG values to setup background color for the charts

Hello friends,

Iam designing the bar charts and implemented RAG(Red Amber Green) values for the graphs.

The requirements is RAG values may change in future, and need to pick up from the table, instead of setting up static values in the expressions.

I have used the following expression as the background color for one of the chart.  ( i set up this for the other charts as well)

Dynamic expression for setting the background color of the bar chart:

=if( [PDR] < Only(if(Ref='H6',RAGRed))*100 , RGB(255,0,0),if([PDR] >= Only(if(Ref='H6',RAGGreen))*100 ,RGB(69,234,21),RGB(255,128,0) ))

Static expression for setting the background color of the bar chart--( for your reference)

//=if( [PDR] < '3.79' ,RGB(69,234,21), if([PDR]<'4' , RGB(255,128,0), RGB(255,0,0)

Ref, RAGRed, RAGGreen are the columns of the RAG table

PDR is the label for the expression(expression)

The problem is:

if i select H6 in the list box or table box, the background color for the "Other Bar charts" in also changing.( I dont want this to happen)

Is there any way to get the RAG values from the RAG table?

Can we get it with out using <if condition > in the expression?