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issues with filter alignment in access point.??

Hi all ,

as we know we work with limited data in dev and test servers and when comes to production the full data needs to be loaded.

so with this we are facing alignment issue of filters like unneccessary space between the filters. all the dimensions are not having the same lenght, for few months we have less values in dimension for other few months more values in dimension.

we have 7 Qvw and each Qvw having on avg 6 reports which is tough for me to check all these every time..

Any idea on the above please, Once i set the size with a fixed lenth between each filter, it has to be same for all filters across all the apps..

please suggest some alternative..


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Re: issues with filter alignment in access point.??

Hi Vishal,

As per my knowledge we know QlikView objects will adjust the sizes as per the data availability.

But you are expecting the objects need to be stay with static lengths(height,width..etc) no need to change according to data , hopefully it is not possible .

if i misunderstand your query please correct me.