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large database - import


I'd like to import very large database (500 000 000 records) to QlikView. I tried several times but each time I imported about 300 000 000 and then import stoped. Is there any limit in QlikView in this matter?

I have only 8GB RAM, maybe this isn't enough?

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MVP & Luminary

Re: large database - import

I think 8 GB RAM for 500 M records is definitely too small - you could of course slice them down maybe to 50 M records within a loop, store them as qvd and drop the tables and later work with the qvd's - but I doubt that you would be really happy with them (and nowadays a few RAM more isn't a real cost-factor).

- Marcus

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Re: large database - import

Ronald, definitely its very less. For loading 30 million records with 30 columns for a fact table i use 16 GB RAM. And my QA machine will have 64 GB and Prod machine has 256 GB. So now you can assume how much RAM you need. But to make it easy mu suggestion is: I have 4 years history of data, for each year i have created a single QVD so i have 4 QVDs and dropped that QVDs from the model. But if you want to keep the data in the model defnitely you need more RAM. Hope this helps