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linked table(urgent)


is there any concept named linked table in qlikview?? i need keys from two fact tables and both are attached to same dimensions. one fact table to 6 dimensions and other to 10.

is there any way to create a linked table which will have all the keys of both fact tables...

plz explain in detial????

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Re: linked table(urgent)


Could you add exmples of the information you need linked and what you are trying to do with them?  You can link tables in QlikView by having a common-named field but depending on what you are trying to do that may or may not be what you are after.

If we have some sample data to look at I'm sure the requirement would be a bit more clear.



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Re: linked table(urgent)

You can create a link table between the fact tables using concatenated keys if no common keys exist.  It can get pretty resource intensive however if you have a huge amount of data.

Link Table.png

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Re: linked table(urgent)


You can see the link below which explains your scenario with link table in detail.


Hope this help,