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list box with field with Expression

Hello, I am trying that a "list box" that contains 10 offices, only load 2 of them  this way:

= only({<OFFICE={'NY','LA'}>} OFFICE)

but it doesn't work.

I know I can do this with a condition "if" but I want to use the fuction instead.

Have any one of you used this function ? Can you put some example of the right syntaxis for using it ?

Tks for you help.

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Re: list box with field with Expression


i'm not sure what you want. Try this:



If you select 'NY' or 'LA'  it will be displayed and it doesn't matter if any other of the 8 offices are selected.

If you select none or both of this two offices nothing will be displayed.

P.S. This functions works only in diagram.

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list box with field with Expression

This Expression will not work ...may be because 'Only' func returns only one Value.

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