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Creator II
Creator II

load sync at server level

Hi All,

Query: load sync at server level

we have 2 servers and 2 applications developed in two different Qlik versions. I need to refresh the application one after another.

Can you please suggest me the best possible ways to achieve this in less time framework and it should be dynamical.

Please find the below example.


I have 2 servers named as Server-I    and Server-II

in Server-I, we are using QlikView 11.2 Version.

in Server-II, we are using QlikView 12.0 Version.

In Server-I QMC, i have a application called ABC.qvw (11.2 version app), after successful completion of this ABC.qvw in Server-I i need to run the application task i.e. XYZ.qvw (12.0 version app) that was located in Server-II.

So, please suggest me the better approach in detail to achieve this in dynamical way.

Thanks in advance...!

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Re: load sync at server level

Do your QlikView servers have Publisher licenses?

Creator II
Creator II

Re: load sync at server level



Re: load sync at server level

Then, in the task for document XYZ.qvw on Server-II, add a trigger of type "On an external event".

On Server-I, create a supporting task that uses QMSEDX to send a trigger event to the XYZ.qvw task on Server-II. Add a trigger of type "On an event from another task" to this supporting task, and let it fire by a successful reload of document ABC.qvw.

For more information on the workings and usage of QMSEDX, see Using EDX in QlikView 11

For an example of triggering other tasks using QMSEDX, see Trigger QV  Task using command line arguments