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Specialist II
Specialist II

logic help


i have one logic

if(isnull(DateSubmitted),DateDueGracePeriod,DateSubmitted ) as DateNew,

DateDueGracePeriod= these include the dates till year 2020, but i want to restrict it at backend .

i want in DateDueGracePeriod always there would be dates less than today, shud not exceed 16 dec 2015..

how i can do this?

3 Replies

if(isnull(DateSubmitted),Date(RangeMin(DateDueGracePeriod,Today())),DateSubmitted ) as DateNew,


When you say restrict in the backend, I presume you mean in the Load Script?

In the case I think you want something like


FROM [yourSource.QVD]

WHERE DateDueGracePeriod <= Today;

There are other ways you could go about this, but hopefully this will get you started.

May be something like this:

LOAD YourFields,

          If(IsNull(DateSubmitted), DateDueGracePeriod, DateSubmitted) as DateNew,

FROM Source

Where not IsNull(DateSubmitted) or Num(DateDueGracePeriod) <= Num(Today());