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max(Load Date) function

Hi all,

Can anyone answer how can I load the latest loaded(4/20) record i.e C.

Here among the three dates most recent date is 4/20. so I need to load the corresponding Val i.e.C using the group by function on year and No.But I am not sure what function/expression needs to be used to find out the latested load_dt.

Year No. load_dt Val

2011 1 2/20 A

2011 1 3/20 B

2011 1 4/20 C


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max(Load Date) function


Load Year,




from xxx where Date='04/20';

or Create a variable for to get maximum date value and use that,

e.g load *

from xxx where Date='$(v_MaxDate)';

where v_MaxDate= Maximum of Date



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max(Load Date) function

Hi, Pooja

I used group by to get the max load date for each number by year and I set some flags that you can use in the script (to eliminate old results) or you can use at the interface on tables or set analysis.

I hope it helps

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max(Load Date) function

thanks Erich.it's working fine.