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moving from non-prod to prod

Hi Guys,

I am moving my qvw and source files (excel) from non-prod to prod location but manually i have to change the file path once i copied the qvw from non-prod to prod. what is the best way deal with.

Below are the file path for both non-prod and prod location.


C:\Users\admin\Desktop\file load\non prod

this non-prod folder contains couple of sub folder where i have different source file.


C:\Users\admin\Desktop\file load\Prod

Similarly prod folder have sub folder.

The path C:\Users\admin\Desktop\file load\ is common fr both Non-prod and Prod folder.

Thanks for the help.



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Re: moving from non-prod to prod

How do you set the path, I mean by using include or external

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Re: moving from non-prod to prod

currently the path is hard coded like C:\Users\admin\Desktop\file load\non prod\t1\myfile.xlsx


Re: moving from non-prod to prod

Assuming that mfile.xlsx exists in both the non-prod and prod paths, you can use relative paths.

     C:\Users\admin\Desktop\file load\non prod\mymodel.xlsx

     C:\Users\admin\Desktop\file load\non prod\t1\myfile.xlsx

     C:\Users\admin\Desktop\file load\prod\mymodel.xlsx

     C:\Users\admin\Desktop\file load\prod\t1\myfile.xlsx

Locate the source file using the relative path


When you promote the model to production, no change is required. Check out the Directory keyword in the help/manual as well.

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Re: moving from non-prod to prod

hi viresh,

Try to maintain one separate .QVS file for DB connections ( EX : DB_Conn.qvs)  and PATHs ,

and include this QVS file in all your Applications, so that if you have any changes only one time you can change the PATH/DBCONN & it will be reflected in all applications.

Through Proper folder structure you can achieve the same , refer below link


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Re: moving from non-prod to prod


Just you can create that path Variable and change that variable in Prod that is very easy for u

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Re: moving from non-prod to prod

Hi, I Created the variables to store the path and saved in qvs file.