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multiple if statements with variable dates


I am trying to create an expression that will do the following:

1.) If the Report_Month equals the current month (vCurrentMonth) or later it will return the budget for the month. 

     The formula for my budget is as follows: sum([Revised Month Liq])*sum([$Accts])/sum(total<Portfolio>[$Accts])

2.) If the Report_Month equals the [Recall Date] or later I would like for it to return: sum([Revised Month Liq])*(Percentage/100)

here is the current expression:

if(Report_Month>=vCurrentMonth,sum([Revised Month Liq])*sum([$Accts])/sum(total<Portfolio>[$Accts]),if(Report_Month>=[Recall Date],sum([Revised Month Liq])*(Percentage/100)))

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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