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Contributor III

multiple wildmatch within iff statement


I am new to QlikView having been a Tableau user for years and learning some of the ins and outs of Qlik.

I am working with a set of data for an auto dealership where there are multiple branches for some but not all. There is also back end location data like a main office included in the data set.

I want to pull from this collection a count of only the branch locations and then from that set, I want to separate the dealerships from traditional and non-traditional branches. The end result is to show a pie chart comparing what part of the total traditional and non-traditional these make up. Mathematically I've figured out the percentage but I can only pull one of those values, not both.

I first looked for all those teams that are associated with a dealer where ST contains 'DLR'.

Next was to look at where STB is a traditional (denoted with N or R) or non-traditional (all others not N or R).

Count by unique S


=if(wildmatch([ST],'*DLR*'), if(
       wildmatch([STB],'*N*','*R*'), 'Traditional', if(

       not wildmatch([STB],'*R*','*N*'),'Non-Traditional')))


Any and all ideas are greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for your help and expertise!

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