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Creator III
Creator III

nPrinting engine and the Qlikview Webserver

So I upgraded to nPrinting 17.2

From what I understood from the youtube videos, my nPrinting server has the required installs nPrinting Server, Desktop, Engine and Designer. (17.2)

My Qlikview server (production) has Qlikview Desktop, Qlikview Server and (this is my question) nPrinting Engine pointing to computer name nPrinting Server. Do I require nPrinting Enginer pointing on my production Qlikview server or is it only required on my nPrinting server.

Qlikview Server A     Qlikview Desktop, Qlikview Server nPrinting Enginer

nPrinting Server B    nPrinting Server, Desktop, Engine and Designer. (17.2)

The reason I ask is because my Qlikview server is down and I am unable to restart the service

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Creator III
Creator III

Hmm weird, I rebooted my production server and the Qlikview webserver service restarted.

I am presuming the Engine wasn't the reason for the service stopping