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need to week day variance, Please help

Hello Everyone,

Can you please help in to below scenario:

I have two values for two years :

For example for 2014 i have 60, for 2013 i have 80, if i want to calculate the % change between two years dynamically i can use year and previous year function in set analysis, i used it it is working fine.

same way for Quarter month

But when it comes for the dates, I have no dates only days in my list box:

For Example: Jan 1st 2014 is Wednesday, this is Week1, but 2013 Jan 1 is Tuesday, 2013 Jan 2nd is Wednesday.

I need % change between two Wednesdays, means Jan 1st 2014 and Jan 2nd 2013. Not on the days.

Please help me to get variance by using two days.

Thanks in advance

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

The pdf and xls is from a very similar posting - Re: Re: Vorjahresvergleich - from a private group but I think you could understand the essentials - in short: date - 364 = same weekday from prevoius year.

- Marcus

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Can you please send me in the english

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

This posting is originally in german - for translation you could use google. But I think you didn't it really - have a look in xls and you will understand the logic.

- Marcus

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Thank you so much Marcus,

My client not happy with this approach can you please let me know if any other way to achieve this.


MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Something like this didn't worked?

sum({< NumDate = {"=$(=today())"}> Value)  // amount from today

sum({< NumDate = {"=$(=today() - 364)"}> Value) // amount from same weekday from last year

- Marcus