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number of units sold


i want to calculate the number of units sold per week for current and last year.

='Current Year:' & Num(Sum({<[Trading Week End Date] = {'$(=Year(Today()))'}>} RTL_QTY)/Count(DISTINCT( TRDNG_WK_END_DT)), '##.00')
' Last Year:' & Num(Sum({<[Trading Week End Date] = {'$(=Year(Today())-1)'}>} RTL_QTY)/Count(DISTINCT( TRDNG_WK_END_DT)), '##.00')


this is the code i'm using, the values are coming up to be zero. can someone help me out on this

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Specialist II
Specialist II


you are comparing a date vs. a year

[Trading Week End Date] = {"$(=Year(Today()))"}

maybe you want to create that year field in script like

year( [Trading Week End Date] ) as Year_Trading

 then you could do this

'Current Year:' & Num(Sum({<Year_Trading = {'$(=Year(Today()))'}>} RTL_QTY)/Count(DISTINCT( TRDNG_WK_END_DT)), '##.00')
Digital Support
Digital Support

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The only thing I can offer that may be of some help is the following:


That covers multiple topics as there are some related blog post links at the bottom of that post...

Here is the base URL for the Design Blog area in case you want to search yourself:



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