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path issue


I have just completed my development on development server.Now i want to keep qvw and qvd files on daily reload in QMC on production server.so after copied all files to production server so wheather I need to change path for respective qvw qnd qvd files or not after copying it on production server ?

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Re: path issue

It depends upon how you made connections to your files and datasource. If you have used relative paths and folder structure is same in all the environments(i.e dev, test and prod) then no changes need to be done.

If your files have connection to sql or oracle database, then in that you have change the connection string from dev database to prod database

Re: path issue

You can also use a Settings.ini (or whatever) file that you create yourself on each platform. Put the Settings.ini file in a specific place that can be reached from your Load script using a relative reference.

In your Settings.ini file, add various SET/LET statements that define paths and locations of resources on this particular platform. For example (we're using demonstration paths to make the purpose clear to you):

SET vPath=D:\In Production\QlikView Framework\; // Set root for QlikView folders

In your Load script, start with importing the Settings.ini file by using a Must_Include construct. Then adjust each LOAD statement to include the vPath variable in the path specification. That way, your documents become platform-independent because they import the paths and configuration settings that apply to the current environment. For example:

// Import vPath and everything else that applies to this platform

// We assume the QVW to reside in ..\Documents\




FROM [$(vPath)\QVD\TableData.QVD] (qvd);

Remember to never copy the Settings.ini file together with your new documents from one platform to the next.

Of course, your mileage will most certainly vary. Adapt as needed.