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performance tuning

what is performance tuning?

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Re: performance tuning

Use this as an starting point: Performance tuning - Wikipedia

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Re: performance tuning


It's means, simply reducing the application loading time of the report.

this can be done is various stages,

Front & Back end of Qlikview application

also check,

Improving Qlikview Load Performance

QlikView Performance Monitoring

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Re: performance tuning


Continuity, more details on the back end and front end

Back End (Script)

1) Try to create Calculated measure in script instead of application objs (charts, tables etc)

2) Load only required tables, Columns that are required for the reports

3) try to use binary load

4) always try to use star schema model

5) link table might slow down performance (if no other solution then use it)

Front end:

1) Try to use set analysis

2) use conditional chart display method

3) try to user more filter selections, Data level security

4) try to avoid more logical cal. in fornt end

Hope this helps you