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persian number


can i use persian number in qlik view

i know that i can change my regional language of windows but i want set it in qlick view somthing like numeral in microsoft word

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Re: persian number

Presuming you have the persian Font installed on your computer;

In Qlikview:-

Settings>>User Preferences>>Font then chose native persian font.

This should do the trick.


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Re: persian number

hi mrpjspencer

i think for change the numeral you need somthing else from font

with persian font you can see the persian text but with this font your number will show english yet

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Re: persian number


The closest I have been able to do is use an ApplyMap to convert numerals being displayed but this is very limited. I have not found a way of full conversion of numerals.

If you have worked with a Qlikview Partner you may have to go back to them to request a bespoke conversion application.


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