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pivot tabel HELP

Hiiiii, i am uploading an application where i have made a pivot table in sheet3, when i fully expand the table values for column(4) and 5 gets populated, but when i changed it into pivot the values get  vanished, so i want show the values for that column when my chart is pivot.../

So please help

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Re: pivot tabel HELP

That is because your Weight1 and Weight fields have one to many relationship with Overall Prespective.

So to solve the problem you can either average Weight1 and group by Overall Prespective in the script. Or use the following expression.

Level 2 =((Column(2)/Column(1)*100)* Avg(Weight1))

Level 1 =  (Column(2)/Column(1)*100)* Avg (Weight1)* avg (Weight)

However this is based on the assumption that Weight and Weight1  can be averaged.



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